FaceTime offers clear, audible audio and a perfect viewing experience. Due to this, the application is very popular, and many other unique features are embedded in it as well. The FaceTime App offers several features, some of which are discussed in the next section.


What Are The Features Offered By FaceTime App?

  • FaceTime App is easy to use with just one tap in just a few minutes.
  • With SharePlay, you can watch videos and listen to music together. You can enjoy a video or song over FaceTime while keeping the conversation going over synchronized playback and shared controls.
  • Bring your favorite apps into FaceTime by sharing your iPhone, iPad, or Mac screen.
  • You can use Voice Isolation to block out ambient noise and emphasize your voice. Wide Spectrum allows you to hear every sound in your environment during the call.
  • When you use FaceTime’s portrait mode, your background is blurred, and you are the only one who is visible. Available on iPhone and iPad starting in 2018 or later, as well as Macs with Apple Silicon.


  • When you use spatial audio, your friends’ voices sound as if they are coming from the direction in which they are positioned on the call. Compatible with iOS, iPad, and Mac beginning in 2018.
  • Mute alerts tell you when you’re talking while muted.
  • You can see all the people in your Group FaceTime call in the same size tiles in Grid view. The current speaker is highlighted so you can easily see who is speaking.
  • In the Phone app, FaceTime calls appear in your recent calls list, and you can create Favorites to quickly access key people.
  • During FaceTime video calls, Center Stage automatically adjusts the Ultra-Wide front-facing camera to ensure that you and anyone else with you are kept in the frame. Compatible with iPad Pro 12.9-inch (5th generation) and iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd generation).
  • You can have FaceTime group calls with up to 32 people at the same time.